What is A Rainwater Pumping Station?

190L 610x635 single Rain and Storm water pumping station

Rain Water Pumping Stations from Pump Stations Direct are designed for use where you need to pump excess rainwater water from one place to another. these stations can be used in both domestic and commercial environments. These pumps can handle clean, grey or effluent water for a variety of purposes including: Drainage of flooded cellars […]

What is a Foul Water Pumping Station?

292L 610x1000 single Foul and Sewage water pumping station

As one of the UK’s busy pumping station manufacturers, we get all kinds of questions about the differences between the different kinds of pumping stations that can be installed. Foul Water Pumping Stations are designed to be used in situations where you need to pump foul or sewage water from one place to another. these […]