Flooding In Tewkesbury in 2023

flooding in tewkesbury

  History of Flooding in the Tewkesbury Area Flooding in Tewkesbury, the area is no stranger to flooding. The town is situated on the River Severn, which is prone to flooding due to its low-lying position and the surrounding hills that can cause water to build up. The area has seen some of the worst floods […]

How To Avoid Basement Flooding In 2023

basement flooding how to avoid it

Basement flooding is a growing problem for many homes in the UK, with increased rainfall level every year water levels are rising for rivers and ground water which you may not be aware of.  In order to avoid the risk of basement flooding in your home or business premises we have created a list of […]

What You Need To Know About The Worst Floods In UK History

uk worst floods

Floods have become a more frequent occurrence in the UK in recent years due to a combination of climate change and ageing infrastructure. The flooding of homes and businesses has had a severe financial and emotional impact on many people. Here we look at three of the worst floods to have hit the UK in […]

Uk’s Most Rainy Months And Rainfall Trends

uk most rainy months and rainfall trends

The UK is an island nation that is subject to rainfall throughout the year, with the amount varying from month to month. Generally, rainfall is at its highest during the winter months and its lowest during the summer months. The average rainfall in the UK is approximately 886mm per year . In January, the rainfall […]

How To Avoid Flooding On Your River Severn Property

river severn shrewsbury

The River Severn is the longest river in the United Kingdom, stretching for over 220 miles from its source on the slopes of Plynlimon in mid-Wales to its mouth at the Bristol Channel. Its tributaries, including the River Wye and River Avon, add to its length, making it the longest river in Britain. The Severn is […]

What is the environment agency flood map?

What Is the Environment Agency Flood Map?

  What is the Environment Agency Flood Map? The Environment Agency Flood Map is a helpful tool for those living in areas at risk of flooding. It allows users to check their local area for areas that are likely to be affected by flooding and plan accordingly. The map also helps people assess their individual […]

What is A Rainwater Pumping Station?

190L 610x635 single Rain and Storm water pumping station

Rain Water Pumping Stations from Pump Stations Direct are designed for use where you need to pump excess rainwater water from one place to another. these stations can be used in both domestic and commercial environments. These pumps can handle clean, grey or effluent water for a variety of purposes including: Drainage of flooded cellars […]

What is a Foul Water Pumping Station?

292L 610x1000 single Foul and Sewage water pumping station

As one of the UK’s busy pumping station manufacturers, we get all kinds of questions about the differences between the different kinds of pumping stations that can be installed. Foul Water Pumping Stations are designed to be used in situations where you need to pump foul or sewage water from one place to another. these […]

What Is a Pumping Station?

Water Pumping stations

What Is a Pumping Station? That’s a question we do get asked regularly, yes even in the construction industry. Of course, there are many types of water pumps on the markets so people like to be clear about what they are dealing with. A Pumping Station is … A pump station is a mechanical pump […]