What Is a Pumping Station? That’s a question we do get asked regularly, yes even in the construction industry. Of course, there are many types of water pumps on the markets so people like to be clear about what they are dealing with.

A Pumping Station is …

1178L 1000x1500 single Foul and Sewage water pumping station
A Residential /Commercial Water Pumping Station

A pump station is a mechanical pump or set of pumps encased in a protective chamber. The pumps will move wastewater such as floodwater, or sewage water away from a location where gravity isn’t naturally moving the water away.

Pumping stations can be used in a wide range of settings, such as housing developments, schools, hospitals, commercial business wastewater sites and even residential houses.

As well as being used for situations where wastewater cannot be transported naturally by gravity to the sewer system, they are also used where septic tanks are the only solution for houses and buildings that are “off-grid”.

How Does A Pump Station Work?

The Wastewater gathers in the pump chamber. When the wastewater reaches a set level, the internal pump uses pressure to lift the effluent through the discharge pipe and away to its next destination which may be a sewer, some form of dirty water storage, a septic tank or reed beds.

A pumping station has the ability to monitor water levels closely using a liquid level sensor or float switch, which turns the pumping station on and off.

Which Pumping Station Do I Need?

Choosing the right pump station can seem like a daunting task given that there are several types and multiple sizes to choose from.  In addition, you might have questions about where to put your pumping station, connecting up or even who owns it if it’s in a shared location.

While below-ground pumping stations are a discrete and effective solution, an above-ground station may be used where this is not a viable option.

Need Help Choosing a Water Pump Station?

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